Seasonal beef sauté pan

sauted local beef with potatoes, carrots, cabbage and mushrooms served in the pan with grilled cheese and fresh garlic bread

Chicken roulade

wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cheese, hazelnuts, and spinach, served with warm grilled carrot, potato, and baby spinach salad and a caramelized garlic cream glaze

Dundagas royal stroganoff

with mushrooms and 3 meats served with grain mustard-potato mash and caramelized carrots and parsnip

Slow cooked beef cheeks, sauteed in Valmiermuižas dark beer

served with celeriac- cauliflower puree and rainbow salad

1kg pork hock

Oven roasted with a honey-mustard glaze, served with sauteed souercrout and baked potatoes (Preparation of this dish takes at least half an hour!)

Honey-glazzed pork fillet medallions 

wrapped in smoked bacon, served with beetroot puree, sweet potatoe mash and vegetable chips

Traditional battered chicken fillet Folk Club style

With mushroom, caramelized onion, pickled cucumber and goats cheese topping, served with potato mash and brown onion cream sauce 

Filet of salmon

Served with seasonal vegetable mash, oven-baked cherry tomatoes and baby spinach

Traditional Latvian meat balls

Made according to grandmas recipe, served with baked potatoes and sautéed sauerkraut with a rich onion-tomato cream glaze

Traditional grey peas

Served in a hollowed out loaf of bread with the traditional pan fried smoked bacon and onion cream sauce and fresh vegetable salad

or (V) with smoked country cheese souce and caramelized onion

Sautéed pearl barley risotto

Prepared according to ancient documentation with onions and smoked meat in a rich cream sauce

or (V) with smoked country cheese souce and caramelized onion

Oven roasted local farm pumpkin - vegetarian

served with pan fried traditional cheese, tomato, kale and grey pea sautee and spiced sour cream

Baked jacket potato

Topped with grilled cheese, caramelized onions, coleslaw and sour cream

or with smoked bacon/ cured salmon



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