Crispy beer-battered baby Baltic herring fillets,

with pickle and horseradich souce

Fried potato slieces with creamed cottage cheese and pickled herring 

pickled onion and pickled cucumber 

Grey pea croquettes

traditional grey peas fried in croquettes, served with dill-horseraddish pesto and smoked bacon souce

(V)- vegetarion option with smoked cheese souce 


Chef’s salad

Mixed fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, goats cheese and roasted hazelnuts with honey-lemon dressing on its own

(V) with chicken breast / cured salmon / crispy smoked pork

Folk Club traditional beer salad

Layered fresh greens, house marinated mushrooms, pickled cucumber,
traditional homemade cheese, farmhouse smoked pork, ryebread
croutons and garlic sauce

Mushroom and local goats cheese filo pastry tartlet (V)

filo pastry filled with pan fried local mushrooms and goats cheese, served with wild argula salad and dark beer malt vinegar reduction

Traditional potato and carrot pancakes

Just like at home, server with sour cream and house jam on their own (V)

With smoked bacon/ cured salmon/ hot smoked local river trout

Juelienne Folk Club Style 

creamy and rice Julienne with grilled local cheese, served with toasts 

(V) with wild forest mushrooms or chicken fillet

Grilled pork ribs in beer marinade 

served with pickled cucumber salad and Folk Club grill souce

Soup of the day

Served with sour cream and bread


Basement, Old town

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